Joint and bone health through maintenance, repair and relief

Proenzi® Gel is a rapidly-absorbed skin massage gel for application on skin around joints and in the articular surrounding. It contains a unique combination of three substances – Glucosamine sulphate, MSM and Boswellia serrata extract. Massage is suitable in cases involving the painful symptoms of articular inflammations and contributes to the reduction of tightness and the improvement of joint mobility.

Moreover, Proenzi®  Gel  contains eucalyptus oil, oleum juniperi, camphor and menthol, which cool down / warm up the skin in the affected area and contribute to the attainment of a feeling of relief.

Proenzi®  Gel  is  light,  non-greasy, and does not leave stains.  After application it becomes absorbed immediately and leaves the area feeling pleasant and fresh. It is based on water and therefore is suitable for use anywhere and anytime; it is gentle and tolerated very well.


  • Provides a feeling of relief from joint or muscle pain
  • Contributes to loosening up and blood perfusion and therefore suppresses tightness and improves mobility of joints, muscles and tendons
  • Has relaxing effects and therefore can help to support proper joint function

Main ingredients:

Glucosamine sulphate, Boswellia serrata extract, methylsulfonylmethane, menthol, camphor, eucalyptus globulus oil, juniperus communis oil

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