On October 25, Conference Hall of the “Holiday Inn Tbilisi” Hotel hosted a conference of pharmaceutical company Art Pharma- “Better Choice Better Lives”. The event was attended by representatives of the company, invited guests from Europe and representatives of Georgia’s pediatric field as well.

The conference was opened by the Director of Art Pharma, Lika Lobzhanidze. The specially invited guests were introduced to the brand Biopron 9 Premium of the Czech pharmaceutical company “Walmark”.

“Our goal is to provide customers with the best products. We offer another outstanding brand, the Biopron 9 Premium, the efficacy of which has been confirmed by clinical trials and real results obtained by leading European physicians -” said Irena Kupkova, the Export Director of Walmark.

“In Central Europe, the Biopron 9 Premium is uncontested market leader. This is due to the product quality, efficiency and unique composition, which distinguishes this probiotic from other brands on the market “- said Jiry Malat, the Marketing Director of Walmark.

The conference participants discussed the necessity of having a balanced amount of bacteria in a child’s (adolescent’s) body and its impact on adolescent’s health. They also discussed the importance of using Biopron 9 Premium in Pediatrics and research proven innovative opportunities that characterize this product.

At the conference made his speech Pediatrician, Doctor of Medicine, Mr.Temur Mikeladze: ““It is developing as a result of inadequate and unbalanced nutrition the lack of a certain probiotic strain of the intestine microbiota or in some cases the surplus. In order to deal with this everything, the main thing is a balanced nutrition; if nutrition is not balanced, probiotic strains should be added, however, with prolonged intake. First, we have to choose who produced the probiotic strain, what quality certificate and what ID passport has it. There are many probiotic strains on our market and our, doctors, primary duty is to use high quality probiotic strains we should appoint such a product to the patient, that will improve their condition in time (whether it is intestinal infection, severe diarrhea or dysbiosis). ”

Bioprone 9 Premium is the № 1 probiotic in multi-strain in Europe. The product was created as a result of collaboration with Europe’s leading gastroenterologists and its therapeutic efficacy and safety have been confirmed by clinical trials.

The perfect composition of Biopron 9 Premium is an ideal complex for the prevention and treatment of dysbiosis and other microbial imbalances in the body. Each capsule contains 9 strains of living micro-organisms, providing enhanced colonization of the digestive system.

The product is recommended for children from the age of 3 years, during pregnancy, lactation and diabetes. Biopron 9 Premium is completely safe and fully complies with European standards.