For a good night’s sleep and a brisk morning

Valerian and hop extracts for healthy and calm sleep

Benosen® contains L-theanine and extracts from valerian and hops. Valerian and hop extracts help to induce mental and physical relaxation and aid in falling asleep. They have a soothing effect on the nervous system, contribute to optimal physical and mental relaxation and help provide high-quality, healthy sleep. Benosen® is recommended during periods of mental strain and long-term exposure to stressful situations, or generally as an aid in coping with a busy lifestyle. It does not cause addiction or withdrawal symptoms after usage ends.

  • Valerian and hop extracts improve sleep quality
  • Valerian and hop extracts relieve occasional sleeping difficulties
  • Valerian and hop extracts contribute to the total relaxation of the organism
  • Valerian and hop extracts help to overcome inner tension and stress

One tablet contains: Hop extract 150.0 mg;  L-theanine 100.0 mg;  Valerian extract 50.0 mg