“Arpharma” will support “The Successful Women’s Club” lunch with Eka Isakidi

On June 15th, with support of company “Artpharma”, “The Successful Women’s Club” will organize lunch with Eka Isakidi.  The topic of the meeting is “How to take care of our health during the summer period”, on the event gathered women will have opportunity to talk in an informal setting.

  • Special guest: Maia Khubua – Doctor Endocrinologist, Doctor of Medicine, TSU Associate Professor
  • Lunch host: Eka Isakidi – member of “The Successful Women’s Club”; Doctor: gynecologist; Director of Saburatlo branch of “Nia Oniashvili Medical Clinic”; Head of Gynecological Ambulatory of Multi-profile Clinic ,, Innova “; PHD in public health
  • Invited guest: Lali Totikashvili – Model; One of the founders of Model agency “fashion charm”.