Biopron 9 Premium



Fast and effective digestive health, recovery and maintenance

Digestive discomfort is inconvenient, and what‘s worse, unpredictable. Digestive discomfort, whilst potentially unavoidable, should be straightforward and easy to deal with. BIOPRON® 9 PREMIUM promotes healthy digestion and provides simple and effective solutions for everyday common digestive health complaints to keep consumers’ digestive systems in harmony with their bodies.


№1 Probiotic in Europe with multi-strain composition

A unique and balanced combination of probiotic bacteria necessary for a healthy functioning digestive tract.

  • High profile of therapeutic efficacy and safety confirmed with clinical trials
  • Created in collaboration with Europe’s leading gastroenterologists
  • 9 bacterial strains of 20 billion – a wide range of microorganisms for optimal colonization of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Unique, innovative multi-layer protection of probiotics – for maintaining high acidoresistance and viability of microorganisms
  • Satisfied the strictly defined requirements of Europe and the World Health Organization

Just a 5-day course for easy solution to acute problems!

ბიოპრონ 9 პრემიუმი